Read3 Parent Card Kit | Complete Module 2

Read3 Parent Card Kit | Complete Module 2

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The Complete Module 2 CARD KIT is designed for use by licensed Read3 (digital licence) parents/carers. It is also suitable for parents working on the Read3 Program under the guidance of a Read3 Professional (details of Read3 Professional with be required).

Please note: this pack includes essential game cards and multi-sensory concept cards ONLY. Game instructions are not included - your licensed professional will guide you on how to use these cards during your literacy sessions. 

The Card Kit contents are separated by Step and include:

  • Sound Train Concept Cards

  • Word Maker Cards

  • U-Know Words Cards (3 packs)

  • Syllable Tiles

  • Say & Snap Cards (3 packs)

  • Word Cards  (54 cards)

  • Game Board (Word Endings)

Card kit items valued at over $180 when purchased separately.

Wanting full digital access to Module 2?

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