About the Creators


Read3 is the result of a collaboration between Speech Pathologist Robyn Monaghan and communications specialist Kate Andrew. Kate's youngest son has dyslexia and she and Robyn first met at Robyn's clinic. 

Robyn Monaghan has more than 35 years of speech pathology experience gained in schools, hospitals, neurological rehabilitation, community rehabilitation, child health, private practice and disability employment services. For the past 25 years, Robyn has focused her practice on assisting young people with dyslexia and other literacy disorders, especially those who have failed to respond to previous school and external interventions.

From 2008, Robyn provided clinical education to speech pathology students at University of Queensland, as well as training, consultancy and program development with the UQ Literacy for Life Unit and the Australian Indigenous Youth Academy. She commenced a private practice dedicated to literacy development in 2011 and established the Read Literacy Centre in Brisbane. She has recently focused her attention on early intervention for our most vulnerable readers. She believes our best efforts are needed to catch these children before they fail.

Kate has 20 years experience working in corporate communications and publications for a range of organisations, including Diabetes Australia. As a free-lancer she assisted with the creation of websites, programs, books and print material. When designing online resources Kate focuses on distilling the information, making it as easy as possible for the end-user to understand.

Co-creating Read3 with Robyn has sparked a deep passion for literacy, and in particular equal access for all vulnerable children. To ensure a thorough understanding of current classroom instruction and literacy intervention practices, Kate has trained in both the Sounds~Write linguistics phonics approach and Language Essentials for Teachers of Reading and Spelling (LETRS).