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Read3 helps struggling children read, write and spell.

This evidence-based program integrates phonological awareness, systematic synthetic phonics and fluency strategies in a simple 3-step daily routine.

Read3 is a parent-friendly, evidence-based literacy program for children who struggle to remember letters and sounds, or read simple words.

The Read3 program was designed for children with literacy challenges including weak working memory, processing difficulties and dyslexia. It builds foundational skills in three core areas essential for early reading development. 

More than just systematic synthetic phonics, Read3 offers phonological/phonemic awareness, phonics and fluency in one integrated program.

Our simple 3-step formula and games-based approach to learning is equally effective when used at home or as a school-based intervention.

Read3 is suitable for any struggling school aged child. It can be implemented in response to parental concerns, a literacy screening test or dyslexia diagnosis.

If there is a family history of dyslexia, or reading and spelling difficulties, don't wait - early intervention is critical! 

Read3 is an AUSPELD-approved program, making it an ideal choice for children with or at-risk of dyslexia.


Read3 will be presenting at the Dyslexia-SPELD Foundation's Language Learning & Literacy Conference (March 2024): "Tier 3 outcomes for students with severe and persistent reading difficulties: Read3 in action across six regional schools"

Past presentations include: Sharing Best Practice (2023); Learning Difficulties Australia (2021); Learning Support Teachers' Association of Queensland Conference (2019); Language, Learning and Literacy Conference (2019)

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I am a parent or carer


My child is struggling with learning to read and I am exploring a range of programs to find the best fit.

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As a learning support teacher, specialist literacy tutor, teacher aide or classroom teacher, I help struggling readers.



I work with young children with literacy challenges, poor working memory, processing difficulties, ASD or ADHD,   


A multi-component intervention

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Evidence-based memory strategies

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Read3 Scope and Sequence

Step-by-Step Learning


Easy Alphabet builds letter-sound knowledge

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Easy Alphabet builds strong letter-sound links

All videos, scripts, games and resources included. Just download, print and play!


Concerned about your child's reading progress? Check skills with CHIPS!



Read3 is an incredible program. It is easy to use, functional and is guided by the latest evidence-based research. I would highly recommend Read3 to anyone working with children with literacy difficulties. I have loved watching my clients progress and become more confident with their reading. Thank you Robyn and Kate for making a difference to their lives.

Bronte Snowdon, Literacy For Me Speech Pathology

The Read3 program is very clear and easy to follow. My Teacher Aide feels confident using it, and we can see the results already. We absolutely love the videos.

Julie, Learning Support, State School, QLD

In case you're wondering, your program is so amazing and so wonderful. We literally have the most resistant ADHDer, ASDer and majorly anxious 8 yr old with Pathological Demand Avoidance, and we are still in spite of his challenges making progress and we are so thankful for Read3!
The confidence it is giving him and us, from deep within our hearts, thank you.

Vicki Thornton, Parent

Our son had a late diagnosis of Dyslexia. With Read3 he has made tremendous gains in 12 months; in the last term he ‘jumped’ five reading levels and that was just by doing the U-know Words, Chunk Check and 60 Word Stories. We are so grateful to the Read3 team for their program. 

Rachel, mother of a 9 year old

Read 3 is a great program. It is very interactive. I love the fact that there are so many different games. My son found it difficult to just sit and write or read. Read3 has given us a variety of activities where we can practice and enjoy quality time together at the same time.

Carmen, mother of an 8 year old

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