Read3 Parent Card Kit | Complete Module 3

Read3 Parent Card Kit | Complete Module 3

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The Complete Module 3 CARD KIT supports parents using the Read3 Program under the guidance of a Read3 Professional.

Please note: each Step pack includes essential game cards and multi-sensory concept cards ONLY. Game instructions are not included. You, the licensed professional, will guide clients on how to use these cards during your literacy sessions.

The Card Kit contents are separated by Step and include:  

  • Sound Train Concept Cards

  • Word Maker Cards

  • U-Know Words Cards (5 packs)

  • Add-An-Ending Words Cards (54  cards - Step 2 only)

  • Say & Snap (2 packs)

Wanting full digital access to Module 3?

For digital access to all Module 3 content, including lesson videos, games, scripts and instructions, please use Read3 Module 3 for Parents and select 'Digital Access + Card Kit' 

Or ask your supervising Read3 Professional about Family Access.