Word Maker Cards | Module 3 | Step 1

Word Maker Cards | Module 3 | Step 1

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Word MakerCards | Module 3 | Step 1 are used for Word Maker and Chunk Check games in the Read3 program.

Cards feature consonant blends - both onset sounds and rime endings - and are recommended for building fluency in children with processing difficulties.

Each Step 1 pack includes:

  • 24 dark blue onset cards containing consonant blends
  • 52 dark pink rime cards containing consonant blends
  • 1 blank dark blue onset card
  • 1 blank dark pink rime card

Cards measure 58mm x 35mm and are printed on gloss card stock. All cards are proudly Australian-made.

Note: a downloadable version of these cards can be accessed via login as part Module 3 Step 1 of the Read3 program.