Easy Alphabet 'Hear See & Say' Video Kit | Parents | Digital Download

Easy Alphabet 'Hear See & Say' Video Kit | Parents | Digital Download

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Need a little help teaching letters and sounds? Not confident you are explaining how to form sounds correctly? Then the Easy Alphabet Hear See & Say Video Kit is for you!  This series of 32 short animated videos, featuring the easy alphabet characters, will provide you with the support and professional guidance needed to teach your child to: 

  • link sounds to letters
  • form letters correctly when writing
  • articulate sounds correctly when speaking

Spoken by experienced Speech Pathologist, and creator, Robyn Monaghan, each video includes one sound and features:

  • an integrated graphic and ‘story’ that helps children recall the sound and shape of the letter.
  • spoken directional cues, linked to the story, to encourage correct letter formation.
  • detailed instruction, including mouth cues, on how to isolate and say the sound correctly


Easy Alphabet Hear See & Say Video Kit includes: 

  • 32 x MP4 files - one for each letter of the alphabet plus common digraphs ‘sh’, ‘ch’, ‘th’ ‘wh’, ‘qu’ and ‘ng.’
  • a video transcript for each sound, including the 'story' and mouth cues - so you can confidently present sounds without the video

Suitable for:

This product is suitable for personal use or in one classroom. For use across a full organisation, department or clinic, please select the Easy Alphabet Videos Multi-User product. 

Designed for use with other Easy Alphabet products including: 

  • Practise Sheets
  • Speedy 3 Card Game
  • Display Cards
  • Desk Mate

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The Easy Alphabet is a fun and colourful alphabet, featuring an Australian ‘beginner’ font, that offers extra support for young children starting their reading journey. An ideal choice for struggling readers. Learn more