Easy Alphabet Products

  • Easy Alphabet Display Cards A5 build strong letter recognition for young readers

    Easy Alphabet Display Cards | A5

    Easy Alphabet A5 display cards offer letter-sound reinforcement for young children starting their learn-to-read journey. Pack of 32 cards, each featuring a unique character and 'story' to help young children quickly recall letter shapes and their sounds...

  • Build strong letter-sound knowledge in young children with Easy Alphabet practice sheets

    Easy Alphabet Practice Sheets | A4

    Set includes 32 sheets - 26 letters of the alphabet, plus sh, ch, th, wh, qu and ng. Worksheet features one letter and a unique picture 'story' plus explicit instruction on how to hear the sound and speech cues about how to say the sound. Children are...

  • Speedy3 alphabet card game helps build strong letter-sound in struggling readers

    Speedy3 Card Game | Letters and Sounds

    Get ready for phonics! The Speedy3 card game is a fun way to master letter-sound knowledge, a crucial first step when learning to read. Perfect for young children starting their reading journey and children with literacy challenges,...

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