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The pressure placed on children to learn to read and write early is certainly increasing. But if your child can't accurately connect sounds to letters, how can we expect them to read and write?

The Easy Alphabet is an ideal way to get both beginner and struggling readers on track. 

  • embedded picture mnemonics build strong sound-letter links
  • unique 'story' gives genuine meaning to each letter 
  • built-in directional cues help reduce letter reversals when writing
  • integrates with any phonics program
  • features Australian beginner font
  • Easy Alphabet Desk Mate | Digital Download

    Easy Alphabet desk mate encourages independence when starting to write. The strip includes all 26 letters, with directional guidance on how to write letters, plus our Easy Alphabet picture cue to reinforce letter shapes and sounds. Download and print...

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  • Easy Alphabet Display Cards A5 build strong letter recognition for young readers

    Easy Alphabet Display Cards | A5

    Easy Alphabet A5 display cards offer letter-sound reinforcement for young children starting their learn-to-read journey. Pack of 32 cards, each featuring a unique character and 'story' to help young children quickly recall letter shapes and their sounds...

  • Build strong letter-sound knowledge in young children with Easy Alphabet practice sheets

    Easy Alphabet Practice Sheets | A4

    Set includes 32 sheets - 26 letters of the alphabet, plus sh, ch, th, wh, qu and ng. Worksheet features one letter and a unique picture 'story' plus explicit instruction on how to hear the sound and speech cues about how to say the sound. Children are...

  • Speedy3 alphabet card game helps build strong letter-sound in struggling readers

    Speedy3 Card Game | Letters and Sounds

    Get ready for phonics! The Speedy3 card game is a fun way to master letter-sound knowledge, a crucial first step when learning to read. Perfect for young children starting their reading journey and children with literacy challenges,...

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