U-Know Words Card Game | Complete Collection

U-Know Words Card Game | Complete Collection

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U-Know Words is a fun and popular way to build reading fluency in beginner readers. Each card pack matches the Read3 Literacy Intervention Program feature 40 simple words.

Keep a pack of these durable playing cards on hand for spontaneous practice anywhere and everywhere! Get parents, grandparents, neighbours and friends involved - remember the aim is reading fluency and the more practice the better! 

Each player is dealt a 5-card hand and the aim is to be the first to play all your words cards first... but watch out for a sneak attack from your opponent when the star cards or miss-a-turn cards start rolling!

Unique card design builds fluency

For children with processing difficulties, chunking is recommended when decoding words, rather than a sound-by-sound approach to help accommodate memory and processing weaknesses. This chunking strategy is an integral part of the Read3 learning system and is used throughout the program.

Our unique word cards support children with weak working memory and  processing difficulties. The starting sound of each syllable (onset) is highlighted in blue which in turn draws attention to the rhyme ending (rime) of the word. Being able to quickly identify the rime helps children 'map' common letter patterns for improved fluency. Encourage the child to first decode each syllable using onset and rime strategies taught in the Read3 program). As confidence and familiarity increases encourage them to read the whole word fluently and quickly. 

Our simple, uncluttered design has proven particularly useful for children who are easily distracted or have ADHD. There's no 'pretty pictures' or 'flashing lights' to side-track them from the end goal, which is decoding and reading words!

Adjust the game to suit each child's needs

As with all Read3 activities, instructions on how to simplify or extend play are included to you can differentiate the game based on the unique needs of the child. 

Older children love the extended play which includes switching colours based on matching onsets or matching rime endings. The additional focus required to search for onset and rime patterns (in an effort to beat Gran) strengthens their letter mapping skills without them even knowing it!

Pack contents:

Each pack includes 40 playing cards featuring words containing 2-syllable words, 5 star cards, 3 'miss a turn cards', 2 'pick up 3' cards and instructions including how to simplify and extend play. 

Note: U-Know Words is one of the AUTO activities in each Read3 Module Step. A digital, print-at-home version of game cards are included in the Read3 program resources.