Program Updates

Catch up on all the latest updates and enhancements

💥 Major Updates
🔧 Fixes & Improvements  

June 2022 Updates

🔧    Monitoring   
Chunk Check Record of Mastery 
M2.3 updated to reflect new Chunk Check activities.

🔧    M1.3     
'At The Dam' 60 Word Story Correction 
Paragraph two in story #3 Bad Bug has been updated. The word 'run' has been changed to 'ran' to remove the past/present tense contradiction within the story. 

💥    M1        M2        M3   
Chunk Check
Updates to instruction sheet, the script and Daily Sounds Record Sheet.
Improved clarification on what to record daily. Learn more HERE.  

💥     M2.3   
Chunk Check
Complete overhaul of M2.3 Chunk Check - child now reads 18 words with endings each day.

May 2022 Updates

💥    M2   
NEW STIKI Quizzes 
Now included in every step! Be sure to print a set. 

💥    M3.1   
STIKI Quiz Released
Step 1 & Step 2 quizzes are available.

April 2022 Updates

💥    M3.2   
M3 Step 2 Released

Purchase here for Professionals
Purchase here for Parents

💥    Monitoring   
Monitoring Video Updated
Updated video outlines the two stages of Chunk Check: Accuracy (1)  and Fluency (2). Viewing recommended.

🔧    Monitoring   
Chunk Check Record of Mastery
Step 2 had been added to the Module 3 Chunk Check Record of Mastery.

🔧    M3.1   
Curated Resources
Progressive Phonics resources relate to Lesson 3 not Lesson 1 at indicated previously. Little Learners Love Literacy Pip and Tim Series (Stage 5 & 6) have been added.

March 2022 Updates

💥    M1        M2        M3   
60 Word Stories Timesheets
Formula changed on all timesheets to calculate Word Correct Per Minute not Words Per Minute. 

🔧    M1.1          M1.3 Starter    
Sound Train Onset-Rhyme (Lesson 2)
Small typo on the instruction sheet. Child missing a "i" 

🔧     M2.1   
Vowel Switch Bingo
Incorrect activity aim has been updated. 

💥   M3.1   
CCC Extension Added (Lesson 2)
New Video and Extension Activities added. Session Practise Guide updated.

February 2022 Updates

🔧    Monitoring   
'Chunk Check Progress Monitoring' name updated to 'Chunk Check Record of Mastery'
The name has been changed to better reflect the purpose of the document. The 'stages' of mastery within each step have been updated to 'subsets'. Please note: 'subsets' can be completed individually (for those with more significant challenges) or as a whole step/lesson.

🔧    M1 Intro   
Say Then Take Away - Script
Child was saying "tree" when they should say "gum" (second half of script) 

💥    M2.3   
ER Start Again Sentences
Sentences updated to include more "er" words

🔧     M3.1    
Signposting Added
A banner has been added to the top of all M3.1 pages to help with sign posting. Specific page content has not been altered.

🔧    M3.1   
Say & Snap (Lesson 1)
Say & Snap has been moved from Lesson 2 to Lesson 1. This gives children more time to practise these tricky words. We recommend you continue with Say & Snap throughout Lesson 2 and 3. Updated Session Practise Guides for each lesson reflect this.

💥    M3.1   
TCH extension added (Lesson 1)
New Video and Extension Activities added. Session Practise Guide updated.

💥    M3.1   
Word Maker (Lesson 1)
With the introduction of the TCH extension. TCH Word Maker cards have been removed from this activity.

🔧   M3.1  
Add an Ending Word Cards (Lesson 2)
Some Word Cards have been removed from this activity and are now included in the printed Word Cards included in Step 2. This change allowed for a variety of short and long vowel words to be included M3.2 without any duplications. You may wish to remove the duplicate cards from M3.1 Add an Ending but it it not essential.

November 2021 Updates

🔧   M1.1  
STIKI Quiz   
Q3. Minor word changes. Changed "pop" to "mop" and "man" to "pan".