Updates to Chunk Check

Chunk Check has been updated in every step.
Review changes and print new resources as needed.

Chunk Check is a simple, 3-minute activity that helps build instant recall of word parts, which helps with reading fluency. Be sure to complete Chunk Check every day. Make no mistake - this is a game-changer for many children.

In Chunk Check, we check a child’s progress at recalling the 'new' sounds they are learning and review 'old' sounds to keep up that instant retrieval.

The results of Chunk Check are recorded and individual sounds noted down for more practice. When mastery is achieved, you can move on to the next step. That mastery is a key component of the Read3 Learning System.

To ensure the guidelines around scoring are super-clear, Chunk Check has been updated in every step across the Read3 program. This includes:

  • instruction sheet
  • script
  • daily sounds record sheet

Watch the video below to learn more.

In a nutshell, at each session you record the percentage (%) of NEW sounds (decoded onset or rime chunks) that the child knows on the 5-point scale provided. You will:

  • start with accurate recall (Stage 1: Accuracy) and
  • progress to accurate and fast recall (Stage 2: Fluency)

You will continue to monitor 10 x OLD sounds each session, however, you will only score the NEW sounds on the 5 point scale.


The following is a summary of the tools that have been updated.

Monitoring Video - How to Monitor with Chunk Check

This updated monitoring video outlines the overall procedure. View below, or visit the 'Monitoring' page any time.


Chunk Check Script

We’ve reviewed and updated the script for Stage 1 (Accuracy) and Stage 2 (Fluency) monitoring. It will step you through how to present sounds, what data to record and when.

The script applies to all Chunk Check activities and is DUPLICATED in each PDF file. For handy reference, you’ll also find a copy on the 'Monitoring' page of the website.

Daily Sounds Record Sheet

The Daily Sounds Record sheet is now available in a 2-week layout only. Five (5) sessions a week are required as indicated on the sheet. Features include:

  • a place to record the current Module, Step or Lesson (plus space to jot down the day of the week if you prefer)

  • an Accuracy / Fluency checkbox to indicate which stage your child is currently working at

  • a 5-point scale for recording the percentage of correct NEW sounds only (as mentioned above)

  • a notes section for recording errors with NEW sounds - you’ll use this to determine what needs more work

  • a separate notes section for recording errors with OLD sounds - you’ll use this to make sure previously mastered content is still automatic! 

Chunk Check Instruction Sheets

The instruction sheet tells you what you will be monitoring within the step - both the NEW sounds and OLD sounds from previous steps.

It features a simple list of the steps involved including the criteria for when to move on to the next Step.

Under ‘Simplify’ you will find tips on the specific order for introducing sounds for those who may need to progress more slowly.

Watch the following video for a walk-though of all tools. 

NEW Module 2 Step 3 Chunk Check

Chunk Check in Module 2 Step 3 has been completely reworked, so be sure to reprint all four of these new 'word ending' Chunk Checks.  

Update your resources!

Remember that the script and record sheet are duplicated in each Chunk Check PDF - so check supplies before you print everything!

We hope you find this update useful.

Happy monitoring! 

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