Decodable Readers

Practise reading with decodable readers

In addition to our 3-step daily routine,
Read3 recommends children practise
with decodable readers every day.

A curated list of recommended readers
(specific book titles) that support learning at
each step is included with Read3 program resources.
Look for this icon at each step.  


Where to buy decodable readers

There are many brands of decodable readers and they all introduce letters in a similar order.

The catch is that many introduce additional consonants and word endings quite quickly. This can be very overwhelming for struggling beginner readers. In the early stages, books that contain 'sip' or 'pat' are great but that extra consonant in 'snip' or 'pant' adds too much cognitive load for our kids :)

To ensure the children have the opportunity to maintain confidence while building foundational skills, access to a wider range of decodable books at beginner levels is needed. 

Some local libraries may have decodable readers that match the early stages of the Read3 scope and sequence so be sure to check them out. Members of SPELD in each state can borrow readers through the SPELD library depending on availability of copies (postage applies).

The following list of decodable readers will help you find more readers containing 3-sound words (also known as CVC or 'beginner code') and no additional consonants. They have also been used in the Read clinic with reluctant readers and passed the 'reader engagement' test!  

All links listed below take you directly to the web page containing the specific readers mentioned.

Simple decodable readers (CVC) that match Read3 scope and sequence 

Dandelion Launchers Decodable Readers

Dandelion Launchers Books – Units 1-7 (4 books per unit)

Available through various suppliers. Some sell Units 1-3 and 4-7, others sell 1-7 and some sell Units 1-10 in a bundle. Units 1-7 match Module 1 (Steps 1-5) of the Read3 program, and Units 8-10 match Module 3 (Step 1) when we introduce consonant blends. Best price is at Smart Kids (Australia) or try Phonics Australia or support your local SPELD


Dandelion Launchers iBookDandelion Launchers iBook – Units 1-7

Available through the Apple iStore these iBooks are a cost-effective starting point. 
Note: iBooks have sound files that sound out letter-by-letter. For children with poor working memory and fluency challenges, skip over this feature and instead encourage them to chunk words, and identify the individual phonemes within each chunk, as outlined in the Read3 program. 

Dandelion Decodable Readers

Dandelion Readers – Units 1-10 (3 sets, 1 book per level per set)

Sets 1, 2 and 3, contain one book per level in each set. Units 1-7 of each set are matched to the same letter learning sequence as the lesson content in Read3 Module 1 and Units 8-10 match Module 3 Step 1. Dandelion Readers can be purchased from various suppliers, including SPELD in each state. The best-prices we have found for Dandelion Reader Sets are at Silvereye and Smart Kids (Australia) Another option is Phonics Australia

Note to Parents: if funds are limited, purchase Set 2 as the amount of text per page allows more reading practise than Set 1, but is not as daunting as Set 3.

Note for Professionals: When purchasing books for school or clinic, we suggest both Dandelion Launchers and Dandelion Readers (Sets 1, 2 and 3) to have enough books to use or loan for multiple new learners. 


Dandelion Moon Dogs Readers

Dandelion Catch Up Readers 

Moon Dogs books follow the same sequence as Launchers and Readers but the pictures are better suited to slightly older children. The Magic Belt and That Dog! series contain consonant blends and short vowels so are are suitable for those working on Module 3 Step 1. Search titles at your local SPELD association or Smart Kids (Australia) or Silvereye or Phonics Australia.  


Sounds-Write Decodable ReadersSounds-Write Decodable Readers – Initial Phonic Code Units 1-7

Available as single books from the  ACER Shop.  There are two (2) books for each unit matching Steps in Read3 Module 1. Also available as a set of 10 books through DSF-SPELD Books 1-7 match Module 1 and books 8-10 match Module 3 Step 1 of Read3. 


Reading Mates Decodable Readers

Reading Mates Decodable Readers

Reading Mates offer children decodable stories plus rhyme, which adds to the reading enjoyment of beginner readers. Books come in 2-pack sets and both digital and hard copy format. In order to maintain the rhyming pattern, there are some ‘sight’ words in each book that you will need to assist with.


Progressive Phonics Decodable Readers

Progressive Phonics (Free)

Perfect for children who are really struggling to get started or have Rapid Automatic Naming difficulties. You read a lot - they read a little – usually one or two words per page. FREE to download or read on screen. The New Alphabetti Books and Beginner Books are suitable for beginner readers. Details on specific titles supporting steps of the Read3 program is outlined in our Curated Resources list.       


60 Word Stories

Don't forget our very own 60 Word Stories are included FREE at various steps throughout the Read3 program. These fully decodable stories match our program exactly - there are no words (not even 'sight words') that your child hasn't been taught in the program. Stories include 6-8 'chapters' plus timesheets and charts to track reading fluency. Books are also available as digital downloads for schools, organisations and families looking for more books at this beginner level.  


Other recommended beginner (CVC) decodable readers 

These decodable readers offer a range of titles using initial code (CVC) enabling extra practise at the beginner level before moving to CVCC, CCVC and CCVCC and the extended code.

The order of letter introduction for these readers is a little different to the Read3 sequence. Therefore, we recommend you do not introduce these readers to students until Module 1 Step 3, when the full alphabetic code has been introduced. This will give children the best chance at decoding all words successfully.


Little Learners Love Literacy Decodable Readers

Little Learners Love Literacy Decodable Readers

These Australian readers are beautifully illustrated and perfect for whole-class instruction in Prep/Grade 1. Older struggling readers, however, may be less keen as the illustrations are designed for the younger market. The new Wiz Kids series and Pip and Tim, Stages 1-4 are beginner CVC code. Consonant blends are added in Stages 4 Plus and beyond. Apps also available from Apple and Google Play. 


InitiaLit Decodable Readers

InitiaLit Decodable Readers (MultiLit)

MultiLit have over 60 beginner readers starting with InitiaLit–F Readers (Levels 1-9) which are designed for foundation students and struggling readers in Grade 1 and 2. 


Decodable Readers Australia App

Decodable Readers AustraliaDecodable Readers Australia 

These readers match Read3 at Step 1 (satpin) but the order of introduction varies after that. Note: Consonant blends are included in many of these early readers (e.g. 'snip' or 'tips') so please read these words for your child or assist them to blend additional sounds using our onset-rime strategy.  Available in sets of books and as Apps


A general note on decodable readers

Any decodable reader will be a welcome addition to the home, clinic or classroom. The aim of this particular list is to help you select titles that offer more support for struggling readers – the focus is on those readers that do not add extra consonants (CVCC or CCVCC) too quickly. Other decodable readers suitable for general classroom use include: Snappy Sounds, Reading Rockets, Oxford Decodable Readers and many more.