About Self-Paced Staff Training For Schools

Read3 training for schools is designed to help you gain confidence administering Read3 and build a sustainable model for intervention for your most at-risk readers. 

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For children with significant processing difficulties, learning to read, write and spell can be very challenging... and despite everyone's best efforts progress can be minimal.

The Read3 Learning System integrates phonological awareness, phonics and fluency. It uniquely supports children with ‘hidden’ processing weaknesses in phonological working memory and rapid automatic naming which impact reading.

Success for our Read3 kids hinges on the knowledge and confidence of those working directly with them. But the truth is… these kids have complex needs, and it takes the support of a village! Read3 training provides a paced learning experience to help you build skills and apply your learning in 'real time' with your students as your own confidence and knowledge grows. 

Together we can make a positive impact on the lives of these children.

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Bring your team up to speed on how to successfully run Read3.

The Read3 Training Block for Schools is comprised of two parts:

  • 2.5 hours of Read3 planning for your program coordinator(s)
  • 3 hours of program training for staff and program coordinator(s)
  • PLUS a complementary 60 minute consultation where we answer any questions arising from training and help set you up for success

Please note: staff training is in addition to program licensing. If you are interested in becoming a licensed Read3 school, please contact Read3 to discuss your program licensing needs.

Read3 Planning for Schools
($80 incl. GST)

For Learning Support Teachers / Program Coordinators

Rolling out a new intervention within your school is exciting and challenging. This orientation session is designed to help streamline the introduction of Read3 and offer ‘food for thought’ in relation to your own decision making around intervention. Please note: attendees at this session will also be required to complete the Staff User Training block.

This session is: 

  • required for at least one licenced Read3 user in your school
  • recommended for all learning support teachers

 Topics covered will include:

  • The role of Read3 in your school
  • Conducting early screening
  • Choosing your intervention format
  • Resource preparation
  • Session planning
  • Staff supervision and training
  • Tracking student progress 

A comprehensive handbook will be provided to assist you as you work your way through the sections.

Read3 Staff Training for Schools
($190 per person incl. GST)

For staff administering Read3 sessions

This self-paced training is divided into six parts. Parts 1-5 needs to be competed prior to commencing intervention and Part 6 can be completed once staff are familiar with the program routine.

Staff user training is:

  • required for all new licenced Read3 users
  • recommended for all classroom aides running Read3 sessions

Acquiring new knowledge is one thing, but applying that knowledge effectively takes time. By offering self-paced learning you can juggle who completes training and when. Your team will have plenty of time to explore Read3 and trial sessions with students a they work their way through the training.

Topics covered include:

  • Scope and sequence
  • Read3 learning system
  • Website orientation
  • How to run a Read3 session
  • Read3 in groups
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Performance tracking
  • Differentiating based on performance 

Complimentary consult for every school

Self paced learning provides you with the flexibility to complete training components as a group (at a time that suits your team) or individually via a personal login.

Of course, nothing beats a face-to-face conversation which is why a complimentary 60 minute consult with the Read3 team is included with your training.

You can break your consultation into 30 minute sessions if you prefer and book a session whenever the need arises during your training block. A calendar link will be provided to assist you with your bookings. 

Training Expression of interest

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