Read3 muliti-user licence for schools, clinics and tutoring companies
Read3 literacy intervention program | Module 1 | Multi-User Licence | PROFESSIONAL (Training Included)
Read3 literacy intervention program | Module 1 | Multi-User Licence | PROFESSIONAL (Training Included)
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Read3 literacy intervention program | Module 1 | Multi-User Licence | PROFESSIONAL (Training Included)
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Read3 literacy intervention program | Module 1 | Multi-User Licence | PROFESSIONAL (Training Included)

Read3 literacy intervention program | Module 1 | Multi-User Licence | PROFESSIONAL (Training Included)

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To ensure fidelity of implementation, Read3 training is mandatory for licensed professional users. Please contact Read3 to discuss your specific staff needs.

Module 1 | PROFESSIONAL | Multi-User Licence is designed for use in learning support departments, private clinics and tutoring companies. Your professional licence authorises program use by 2 or more individuals with an unlimited number of clients. If you require additional users, please contact Read3 to discuss your licencing needsLicensed users also have access to additional professional resources to support teaching and access to a Professionals-Only Facebook group. The Read3 User Licence is renewable yearly, starting from $165 per user (Module 1). 

Read3 is an evidence-informed comprehensive literacy intervention program that integrates systematic synthetic phonics instruction with targeted phonemic awareness and fluency training to build a strong reading foundation for children with processing difficulties. An essential tool for Tier 3 intervention, Read3 has also been used effectively in a small group (Tier 2) format. Video lessons and detailed instructions help ensure continuity when switching between team members. Our fun, multi-sensory activities and games help keep children motivated and engaged. 

For reading outcomes, a minimum of 5 sessions per week (20 minutes per session) is required. Children should then apply this learning for an additional 10 minutes a day, and a curated list of decodable readers, computer games and other resources is provided for each step. Progress should be monitored daily and all monitoring tools are provided.

What you receive in Module 1

Module 1 provides you with online access to:

  • lesson videos 
  • easy to follow session practice guide
  • over 70 different activities/games (450+ pages)
  • instructions and scripted lessons
  • downloadable activity sheets and resources
  • monitoring tools and record sheets

Digital files for all activities are included enabling your team to download and print resources as needed. 

PLUS you also receive four sets of decodable stories from our 60 Word Stories Reading Fluency Program (valued at $176):

  • At the Dam (Closed Syllable - CVC) 
  • Jazz at the Hall (Closed Syllable - Doubles)
  • Tess and the Gang (Closed Syllable - Digraphs)

These fully decodable sets, containing 6 'chapter' stories in each, can be read repeatedly with confidence as they only include spelling patterns taught so far in the Read3 program. Time the child's reading speed daily and chart to track fluency progress. 

NOTE: As part of your User-Licence agreement, you may share printed pages only with your clients. Distribution of digital files is not permitted. Read3 reserves the right to audit distribution methods and user numbers based on the Terms of Service.

Set up your department with Read3 Card Kits 

To supplement the program we offer a Module 1 Card Kit valued at over $350. The pack contains a boxed kit of essential game cards and multi-sensory concept cards for each step of the program (5 steps), PLUS a Speedy3 Card game.

You may purchase up to 5 clinic packs with your User Licence, and further discounts apply for 3 or more kits. Additional Card Kits are available at any time once you are a licenced Read3 User. Single step Parent Card Kits can also be purchased for clients at any time.

What content is covered in Module 1

There are 5 steps in Module 1. These are:

  • Step 1 : s, a, t, i, m, n, o, p
  • Step 2 : b, c, g, h, d, e, f, v
  • Step 3 : k, l, r, u, j qu, w, z, y, z
  • Step 4 : ff, ll, ss, zz, ck
  • Step 5: sh, ch, th, wh, ng

Our integrated approach means children will be strengthening phonemic awareness, letter-sound links, reading accuracy and reading fluency within in each practice session. Video lessons explore key learning concepts to help your staff build a strong understanding of the Read3 learning system. The program steps are sequential and learning and skills development builds throughout the module.

As a general guide, within each step the child will:

  • practise unique strategies for reading and spelling designed to support children with processing difficulties
  • fine-tune listening skills by identifying, deleting and/or substituting sounds in words
  • strengthen letter-sound awareness by saying, reading and writing letters
  • start reading one-syllable words featuring letters learned in the current and previous steps
  • start writing short sentences containing specific letters or spelling patterns
  • build automatic recall of sound segments that occur naturally in our language
  • build a bank of high-frequency words linked to lesson content

The Read3 Program works to strengthen the three foundational skills needed for reading, writing and spelling. Developed by experienced Speech Pathologist Robyn Monaghan, the strategies have proven effective when teaching children with multiple processing difficulties including: poor phonological awareness, poor working memory, poor letter-sound knowledge and poor rapid automatic naming. Strategies incorporated in Read3 support the latest recommendations from Tufts, MIT and Harvard for children with significant literacy challenges. Learn more about Read3. 

Support students at home with Read3 Family Access  

Struggling readers require regular, targeted practise and home practise is recommended. Read3 offers families working under a Read3 Professional access to the Complete Module 1 at a heavily discounted rate via Read3 Family Access.

A personal login for parents ensures digital access to all program content, including videos and activities. Research shows parental 'buy-in' improves the likelihood of regular at-home practise and continued progress during school holidays. Based on monitoring outcomes, your specialist team will advise Read3 when it is time to move on to the next step and Read3 will adjust the Family Access accordingly. Professionals can pre-purchase Family Access for clients, or have clients purchase direct.

Parent Card Kit is also available for each step of the program, Containing essential concept and game cards, this kit is a great way to continue practice at home should your families wish to purchase it. Professionals can pre-purchase kits for clients, or refer clients directly to the website.

Additional benefits for professionals

Other benefits available as a Read3 Licensed User include:

  • Closed Facebook Group for professionals to share ideas and strategies
  • 10% discount on printed resources 
  • Professional-Only blog posts covering latest research and clinic techniques (coming soon)

Sign in to access program content

Program content is accessed via the website using your own unique log in. Upon completion of payment, you will have automatic access to the program. Using the email and password used to purchase, sign in to view the Read3 Main Menu. Click each Module Step to access lesson videos, and print/download your Session Practice Guide and activities.