Introducing the FISH Fluency Screener for older struggling students

Read3 is proud to release the FISH Reading Fluency Screener!

FISH stands for 'Fluency Indicators in a Story Hierarchy'. The FISH screener was created for educators and speech pathologists working with older students with significant literacy challenges. 

FISH is ideal for students aged 8 years and over. It features a sequence of short, decodable stories that will provide valuable insights into a student's reading fluency and phonic skills.  

In 5-10 minutes, using the hierarchy of FISH stories and fluency norms, you can establish an appropriate starting point for targeted literacy intervention. Let the data guide you and start making a difference in the lives of older struggling readers. 

In the following video (14 mins), Robyn discusses:

  • the role of reading fluency
  • the value of decodable text when reviewing fluency rates with beginner readers, and
  • how to administer and score FISH

Click here for a detailed overview of what is included in the FISH Screener.

You can order your FISH Screener here - available as a Single-User or Multi-User licence.



00:00   Reading fluency and FISH 
00:10   What is FISH? Who is it for?
02:00   Limitations of typical oral reading fluency screeners
05:00   Value of reviewing ORF using decodable text for beginner readers
06:00   Features of FISH decodable screener
07:00   Scoring & Analysing results with FISH
08:00   Scoring & Graphing (Main Entry: Story 5)
09:00   Analysing Score (Main Entry: Story 5)
10:00   Moving down the story hierarchy
11:20   Where to start intervention (using Read3)
12:40   Where to start intervention (using any phonic sequence)
13:00   About Read3: AUSPELD-approved games based intervention



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