Step 3 Starter: Overview for Professionals


What is Step 3 Starter?

Step 3 Starter replaces Steps 1-3 and was created for children 7 years and over, with established letter-sound knowledge, who are still unable to make appropriate gains.

The intention of Step 3 Starter is to:

  • review/build phonemic awareness 
  • teach needed to support working memory or fluency challenges
  • build fluency at a CVC level
  • proceed as quickly as possible to Step 4

Activities involving learning letters and sounds (Easy Alphabet) are not included. 

Starting a child on Step 3 Starter

Step 3 Starter Parent Card Kit is essential for this step. 

Step 3 Starter products are only available to those working under a Read3 Professional. Please email one of the following links to your client. 

(cut and paste into email for parents)

Step 3 Starter: (digital + cards)

Card Kit Only 



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