Speedy3 Card Game | Letters and Sounds

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Speedy3 alphabet card game helps build strong letter-sound in struggling readers

Get ready for phonics! The Speedy3 card game is a fun way to master letter-sound knowledge, a crucial first step when learning to read. Perfect for young children starting their reading journey and children with literacy challenges, including dyslexia. 

Speedy 3 works to build your child's recognition and instant recall of the sounds that link with single letters and common digraphs - sh, ch, th, wh, qu and ng. Featuring the Easy Alphabet, the set includes both letter and picture cues. 

Flip a 3 and blitz your opponent by naming their next three sounds. Unless they flip a 3, and then it’s time to switch!

Extend Speedy 3 game to include letter writing for extra multisensory learning. Letter and picture cards can also be used for Memory and Go Fish for extra practice.

Speedy3 is highly recommended for users of the Read3 program

Module 1 of the Read3 Literacy Intervention program focuses on strengthening letter-sound knowledge and building a strong reading framework for struggling young readers. The Easy Alphabet is an integral part of Module 1. Read3 incorporates systematic synthetic phonics and a selection of letter and picture cue cards are used in every step of Read3 Module 1. The code on the card indicates the relevant step. A pack of Speedy3 cards will save you both time and energy preparing your own cards.


32 sound playing cards
32 picture cue playing cards
14 'speedy 3' playing cards
instruction leaflet

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