Read3 literacy intervention program | 5-9 years | Module 1 | Step 2

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Read3 literacy intervention program | 5-9 years | Module 1 | Step 2

Module 1 | Step 2 introduces eight new letters - b, c, g, h then d, e, f, v - and works to strengthen your child's reading circuit using a range of unique strategies. We will also introduce your child to high-frequency words that follow spelling patterns learned so far. To do this we use a systematic, integrated learning approach and fun, multi-sensory activities and games.  

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STEP 2 CONTAINS: 23 activities plus two animated video lessons where experienced speech pathologist Robyn Monaghan explains how to teach your child effectively. The pace of learning is different for each child, but it is anticipated Step 2 will take at least 3 weeks to master. 

For reading outcomes, a minimum of 5 sessions per week (20 minutes per session) is recommended. Children should then apply this learning for an additional 10 minutes a day, and a curated list of decodable readers, computer games and other resources is provided.

Progress should be monitored daily to determine when your child is ready to move to the next step. 

NOTE: All Read3 materials are provided in a digital format. You will not receive any physical products with this purchase.

Content overview for Module 1  | Step 2

The focus of Step 2 is on iestablishing strong letter-sound links for b, c, ,g, h, d, e, f, v. In Step 2 your child will:

  • strengthen their understanding of the Read3 learning system
  • practice unique strategies for reading and spelling
  • establish strong letter-sound links for b, c, ,g, h, d, e, f, v using the Easy Alphabet 
  • start reading words and word ending containing b, c, ,g, h, d, e, f, v and letters learned previously in Step 1
  • start to build a bank of high-frequency words

Lessons (and videos) included in Step 2 cover:

  • Lesson 1: Understanding the importance of HEAR activities when learning to read.
  • Lesson 2: Demystifying 'sight words': the different between decodable high-frequency words and true sight words.

The Read3 Program works to strengthen the 3 foundational skills needed for reading and writing. Developed by experienced Speech Pathologist Robyn Monaghan, the strategies have proven effective when teaching children with multiple processing difficulties including: poor phonological awareness, poor working memory, poor letter-sound knowledge and poor rapid automatic naming. Learn more about Read3. 

Program resources provided digitally

Read3 is a comprehensive, all-inclusive downloadable program. Everything required to complete each Module Step is provided including:

  • lesson videos
  • the Session Practice Guide
  • instructions and scripted lessons
  • activity sheets, playing cards and other multi-sensory tools
  • monitoring tools and record sheets

All Read3 materials are provided in a digital format. You will not receive any physical products with this purchase. We recommend printing game cards on light card stock, or laminating them for extra durability.

Sign in to access program content

Program content is accessed via the website using your own unique log in. Please allow 48 hours from time of purchase for user access to be activated. At this time, sign in using your email and password and click MY READ3 on the main menu. You will then be able to access lesson videos, and print/download your Session Practice Guide and activities.

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