How professionals can use Read3


One integrated program that works systematically to build all 3 foundation skills

A strong phonics program is only part of the equation when it comes to teaching children to read. Learning to read requires development of phonemic awareness; letter-sound links and fluency. There are many programs available that target these core skills individually. but Read3 offers and integrated approach to skill development – 3 skills, one program.

Read3 integrates these three skills in a daily plan. Lessons build sequentially and content is integrated across the three core areas. For example, when learning about digraphs we do phonemic exercises, including single sound manipulation, to build sound awareness and simultaneously link this to written exercises to consolidate learning and ‘map’ letters to sounds in an integrated way.

For children with multiple processing difficulties, this integrated approach helps build understanding more quickly and offers an alternative to the traditional phonics program which can be overwhelming for our most at-risk readers.


Evidence-based approach specifically for struggling children

For children who are struggling to get started with reading, many systematic phonics programs are not effective, despite intensive intervention. They have specific processing weaknesses and need specific strategies to help them compensate. The Read3 learning system is designed to give these children the best chance of progressing as it takes pressure off working memory and makes allowances for the impact poor Rapid Automatic Naming (RAN) has on fluency.

The research has gone into making sure the approach we use for reach activity has the best chance of working with these kids.


Curated resource list for extra practice

Surfing the internet late at night looking for that perfect activity to support your clients is no longer required. Based on years of experience, our own internet searching, and feedback from clients we know what works and what kids like (which includes screens!). Our curated lists of resources support every step of the program and link directly to the material just taught. For example, when learning the Doubling Rule we link to decodable readers, e-books, computer games (lesson specific guidance) and extra resources to you can support skills development in each child. 

No training required

Read3 was designed with parents in mind. We use simple language, provide detailed instructions for every activity plus videos and scripted lessons to support your understanding and delivery. All-inclusive fee is for the program and all program resources. There are no hidden training costs. 

Reduce load on learning support teachers

By following one systematic program, with built-in monitoring, you can easily transfer a student from one teacher or teacher aide to the next and maintain continuity with progress.

Supports regional clients

Children in regional and remote areas have limited (or no) access to specialist literacy services. Some try to come into the city in the holidays to see a speech pathologist etc but this is not enough. Read3 offers and integrated learning solution. Set your client up on the program and let mum and dad administer it (that’s what we designed it for). Then you can oversee their progress remotely via Skype or Zoom as required.

Built-in monitoring to record progress

The benefits of ongoing monitoring are well documented. Our 2-minute monitoring too, completed at the end of each session, provides a systematic record of every child’s progress. This comprehensive data is useful for when setting school performance targets and when discussing a child’s progress with parents. Our goal for every child is reading fluency. To achieve this, they must not progress to the next step of the program unless they have mastered current content. 

Supporting parents with at-home learning

Children who are struggling to learn to read will require daily practice and a collaborative approach between professionals and parents/carers is always the best approach. To encourage consistent daily practice at home, Read3 supplies every professional with a unique discount code for clients/students.

Parents and carers can then purchase each step of the Read3 program at a reduced rate and gain direct access to all Read3 videos, scripts and resources via their own login. Helping parents understand first-hand what their child is doing and why they are doing it results in improved parental motivation and better learning outcomes for the child. Consistency of message can be achieved between professional and parent which again is best for the child.

Parents should be encouraged to work daily with children, including during school holidays. A review of their recorded progress will guide you as to when it’s time for the child to move to the next step.

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