Read3 Professional | Annual User Licence | Module 3.1

Read3 Professional | Annual User Licence | Module 3.1

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Read3 is a licensed product. The Read3 Module 3.1 Annual User Licence authorises you to use the Read3 program and resources with an unlimited number of clients and maintain online access to all Module 3.1 program content including:

  • Lesson Videos
  • Read3 Games and Resources
  • 60 Word Stories
  • Monitoring Tools
  • Family Access discounts for clients

You also maintain access to our Facebook Group for Read3 Professionals, the support offered there, and any events hosted within the group. 

Need multiple licences?

The Module 3.1 User Licence is a flat rate of $40 + GST per user per year.

For organisations needing multiple user licences, adjust the order quantity accordingly. Read3 will then contact you to confirm contact details for each Read3 User for the coming 12 month period.