Read3 Parent Card Kit | Module 1 | Step 3 Starter

Read3 Parent Card Kit | Module 1 | Step 3 Starter

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This Step 3 STARTER Card Kit is required for any family using "Step 3 Starter" under the guidance of a licensed Read3 professional (Speech Pathologist or Literacy Tutor). Step 3 Starter is for children over 7 years with established letter sound knowledge who are commencing the Read3 program at this level. 

The focus of the step is on building phonemic awareness skills, improving fluency and learning the unique Read3 strategies before moving quickly to Step 4. The pack includes essential game and concept cards ONLY. Your licensed professional will guide you on how to use these cards during your literacy sessions. 

Step 3 Starter Card Kit contents include:

  • Word Maker Cards - Steps 1, 2 and 3 
  • Sound Train x 2
  • U-Know Words - Step 2 (1 pack) and Step 3 (1 pack)

To build instant recall of letters and their sounds (both reading and writing), you may wish to add Speedy3 Card Game to your order.

Want full digital access to Step 3 Starter?

For digital access to all Step 3 Starter content, including lesson videos, games, scripts and instructions, please speak with your professional about Family Access Registration. Family Access provides you with digital access to all program content at a special price that is only available through a Read3 Professional.