Read3 | Module 1 | STEP 3 Starter
Read3 | Module 1 | STEP 3 Starter
Read3 | Module 1 | STEP 3 Starter
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Read3 | Module 1 | STEP 3 Starter

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Module 1 | Step 3 Starter was created as an alternate entry point to the Read3 program for children over 7 years who have already established letter-sound connections. Printed cards are INCLUDED in this step. No client discounts apply.

This step reviews the unique Read3 strategies, then focuses on building phonemic awareness (HEAR activities) and instant recall of sound segments (AUTO activities) before moving to text-level reading using the "60 Word Stories" reading fluency program.  It is assumed that any child using Step 3 Starter already has some simple decoding skills, which is why the focus is on building fluency. 

NOTE: This step should not be attempted unless recall of single letters and their sounds is automatic (reading and writing). If not, is is recommended you start with Module 1 Step 1 to build these skills systematically.

To maximise progress, a minimum of 5 sessions per week (20 minutes per session) is recommended. Children should then apply this learning for an additional 10 minutes a day, and a curated list of decodable readers, computer games and other resources is provided. Progress should be monitored daily to determine when your child is ready to move to the next step.

What you get in Step 3 Starter

Step 3 Starter includes online access to:

  • 5 videos to build understanding of the Read3 learning system
  • easy to follow session practice guide
  • 22 activities/games
  • instructions and scripted lessons
  • downloadable activity sheets and resources
  • monitoring tools and record sheets

PLUS you receive a reading fluency program:

  • 60 Word Stories: At The Dam. These 6 fully decodable 'chapter' stories can be read repeatedly with confidence as the only include spelling patterns taught so far in Read3. Time your child's reading speed daily and chart to track your child's fluency progress. 

The printed CARD KIT is included with this step.

Due to the number of Word Maker cards required for this combined step, the CARD KIT is compulsory and will be mailed to you. All other resources can be accessed online. Your kit includes;

  • Sound Train Cards
  • Word Maker Step 1 Cards
  • Word Maker Step 2 Cards
  • Word Maker Step 3 Cards
  • U-Know Words Card Game (1 pack each from Steps 2 & 3)
  • Say & Snap Cards (1 pack)

What your child will learn in Step 3 Starter

In Step 3 Starter your child will:

  • practise unique strategies for reading and spelling
  • start building their listening skills by learning to hear syllables, rhyme, first sounds, last sounds and vowel sounds.
  • start fine-tuning their hearing skills by substituting sounds in words to create new words (if we change leg to log which sound is different) 
  • build fluency reading simple 2-letter word endings (e.g. ap, eg, in, ob, ut) 
  • start writing words and short sentences
  • start to build a bank of high-frequency words
  • build reading fluency with short, fully decodable stories.

Sign in to access program content

Program content is accessed via the website using your own unique log in. Upon completion of payment, you will have automatic access to the program. Sign in to view the Read3 Main Menu using your email and password. Click each Module Step to access lesson videos, and print/download your Session Practice Guide and activities.