Online Professional Learning : Tier 3 Literacy Intervention and Read3 Overview

Online Professional Learning : Tier 3 Literacy Intervention and Read3 Overview

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With online professional learning you can learn more about Tier 3 literacy intervention and the Read3 program at a time that suits you. Also a perfect option for bringing new team members up to speed during the year!

Is your intervention hitting the mark for your most challenged young readers?

For children with multiple processing difficulties, literacy intervention requires more than just phonological awareness and systematic synthetic phonics.

In this 3-hour session experienced Speech Pathologist Robyn Monaghan outlines the latest evidence-based approach to early literacy screening and targeted intervention for children with processing difficulties aged 5-9 years. She then outlines how these strategies have been applied in the Read3 program in a unique, parent-friendly format. 

This is a pre-recorded session compiled from 'live' professional development sessions held during 2020.  

Purchase any time and view at your convenience. An email containing the course link will be emailed ot you. Like a movie rental, once you click to start viewing you will have unlimited access to the recording for 5 days only. Session notes will be emailed at the start of your 5-day viewing period so you can print and add your own notes as you work through the session.

All material presented in one of our 'live' sessions is included. General discussion amongst participants that arose on the day is not included.

Running time: approximately 3 hours. 

Format: The recording is divided into sections enabling you to easily review key components.  

Who is it for? 

This professional learning is suitable for Speech Pathologists, Specialist Literacy Educators and teachers, and provides:

  • Latest research on how to identify at-risk readers through screening
  • Which screening tests are the most accurate predictors of long-term literacy challenges
  • The four risk profiles that current phonics screeners may miss
  • Evidence-based interventions that target each risk profile

You will then take an in-depth look at Read3, a new Tier 3 evidence-based literacy intervention program that: 

  • is designed to support children with multiple processing difficulties
  • integrates three foundational skills in every practise session
  • builds accuracy and fluency from phoneme level to text level
  • includes all resources, videos and scripts  
  • has a scope and sequence that aligns with Dandelion and Sounds-Write decodable readers
  • offers support to parents to maximise home practise
  • is accessed online (download, print and play) making it an ideal option for shared intervention and learning at a distance

Workshop Presenters:

Robyn Monaghan, BSpPath, Certified Practising Speech Pathologist, based at Read Literacy Centre. 
Kate Andrew, BA Communications and Design, co-creator of Read3.