Help your child learn to read with confidence

As parents and carers, we all want what's best for our child. So when things aren't going quite to plan it can be very daunting to know what to do about it!

Read3 is an evidence-based early literacy program developed by a team who understand the unique challenges struggling readers face. Improving your child's literacy skills requires commitment and we recommend at least 20 minutes practise, five days a week. Our fun, multisensory activities are designed to reduce anxiety around learning, so you can relax and enjoy 'playing' with your child each day.

The following information will help you discover why Read3 is an ideal choice your child. 

Don't 'wait and see' 

If you are concerned your child is slipping behind their peers, don’t wait! Latest research shows future reading capabilities are predictable from as early as 5 years of age. Classroom programs progress at a set rate that may not be suited to your child’s needs, so if your child is already finding it difficult to keep up, they need a different approach. The greatest gains occur when targeted specialist instruction is given prior to Grade 4, so if there’s ever a ‘right time’ to start, it’s now! Read3 can be purchased one step at a time so what have you got to lose? Download Module 1 Step 1 or try our FREE introductory lesson and get started straight way.

More than a phonics program

If you’ve already tried a phonics program (or two or three) with minimal success, don’t panic. Read3 focuses on strengthening the 3 foundational skills that are necessary before phonics makes sense. We build skills to help your child get ready for phonics first, and then move on to phonics in our own unique way with an easy step-by-step program. 

We fill the learning ‘gaps’

Children who struggle in early years are missing foundational skills which prevent them from progressing successfully with many literacy programs. Problems with these foundational skills are caused by a range of processing difficulties. Read3 targets weak processing skills and works systematically to fill any learning 'gaps' so your child can start to progress. We use a range of strategies that are recognised as being the most effective way to build literacy skills in struggling readers.

Easy to use

Teaching someone to read might seem a bit daunting, but our approach is straightforward. Simply sign-in, click on lesson 1, watch the 3 minute video, then download the activities and spend 20 minutes playing games with your child. We provide detailed instructions plus videos and scripts to support your understanding at every step. Daily monitoring means you’ll know when your child is ready to move on.

       Read3 literacy intervention program Keen to give Read3 a try? Sign up for a STEP 1 here.

Normal language for real people

Read3 was written with parents in mind – real people who use normal language. If you’ve ever tried to make sense of the jargon in a specialist report, you’ll know exactly what we’re not about! Making sure you can understand what we are teaching and why is our priority. Afterall, if you can’t understand it, how can we expect your child to?

Practise without the tears

If your child slides straight under the table, or runs off, at the mere mention of ‘homework’ then this is the program for you. We understand that ‘workbooks’ can be terrifying for some children which is why our activities are anything but! We offer a combination of verbal games, card games, dominoes and other multi-sensory activities to keep learning fun. Spend 20 minutes a day ‘playing’ and you’ll start to see your child’s skill levels improve, without the tears.

Monitor progress, don’t guess

Our aim to make sure your child develops the skills needed to progress with reading. Of course, these skills build slowly and sequentially. Mastery of each step is essential if we are to be sure they really understand and aren’t just ‘faking it’. That’s why daily monitoring is built in to our program. It takes about 2 minutes at the end of each session and will help you know how your child is progressing.

My kid loves computers

We know. Whose kid doesn’t! While our program is accessed online, it is not an online program – you’ll be downloading activities, making resources and playing games each day. However, each lesson does include a list of curated resources that link directly to lesson content and that includes: computer games, iPad apps and online books. And yes, we recommend good old fashioned books as well :)  

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