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Welcome to Read3 User Training for Schools 

We are delighted to have you on board!

Over the course of your training we will be adding to this page.

Sessions will be held via Zoom and start at 9:00am on the following dates:

  • #1 - Tuesday 9 May 2023 (3 hours)
  • #2 - Tuesday 30 May 2023 (2 hours)
  • #3 - Wednesday 21 June 2023 (2 hours)  

Replay links and any additional resources will be uploaded to this page as we progress through the training.

Note: This page will be available for 4 weeks following the completion of the final training session. Once access to training materials expires, this page will no longer be accessible from the 'My Learning' menu. Make sure you download any extra resources before the expiry date.

If you need any assistance, please contact  

Read3 School Staff User Training 2023 Block 2 (Session #3)
** Confirmed Date is Wednesday 21 June ** 
Date: Wednesday, 21 June, 2023
Time: 09:00-11:00 (AEST)
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 835 8119 3619
Passcode: 735973



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Session 1

Session 1 Preparation  




Session 2








Session 3




This page supports training conducted Feb-May 2023.  

Training Wrap Up

Thanks for joining us for our School Staff User Training. We hope you found the sessions informative and are ready to leap in and start administering the Read3 learning system with your students.

Your ⭐ feedback ⭐ is invaluable so please spare a few minutes to complete the training evaluation (link above) for us. Training online has its challenges so the more we can glean from you guys on how to streamline delivery of information (and ensure we don't bamboozle everyone) the better. From the quick poll this morning it looks like there is interest in online modules so we will look to embark on that new learning adventure in the coming months. 

🏆 Certificate of Completion: For those of you who attended live, your certificate will be issued in the coming weeks. For those of you who have been unable to attend live, we will touch base to determine whether the session replays have been completed prior to the issuing of certificates. 

📺 Training page access: To ensure you have plenty of time to re-watch content, this page will remain open for another month. Once access to training materials has expired (20 June 2023), this link will no longer be accessible from the 'My Learning' menu. 

🤓 Join our Professional Facebook Group: We encourage you to join this page and ask your questions here. That way 'the Read3 collective' can benefit from the topic of discussion. Remember, no question is too small - we learn a lot about how we can improve program design/training and communication from the types of questions asked, so ask away!    

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, please understand you are not alone on this journey. Learning how to best support our most vulnerable young readers takes time and lots of experimentation! If you need assistance, please talk with your Program Coordinator who will, in turn, reach out to us if more help is needed.

From the whole team at Read3, we thank you again 🙏🏼 and welcome to our community! 👋🏼


Session 3 Follow Up

Thanks to everyone for joining us for our last session of training. We do hope you found this session helpful.

An extra special thank you to Toowong State School for sharing their Read3 experience with us. Your contribution is invaluable - there's nothing like watching an experienced Read3 professional and real children in action! 

If you need clarification on anything covered in this session, please reach out. 

Extra Resources

High Frequency Words by Step  (for Classroom Teachers)

The high frequency words in this document are drawn from the Dolch top 220 words. If spelling words are being sent home each week in your school, encourage your classroom teachers to supply words from the list that matches their current Read3 step. 

    Read3 High Frequency Words by Step.pdf


Extra Recordings

Included below are full-length versions of a few of the activities that were included in the training session.

Interview with Toowong State School 

A range of questions were discussed in addition to those shown in the training. You can view the full recording here.  

  VIEW   Interview with Toowong State School 

Group Demo: Module 1 Step 5 Session

Watch a full group session of Module 1.5. Games include Sound Train, Roll & Read, U-Know Words and Chunk Check.

  VIEW  Group Demo: Module 1 Step 5 Session

Group Demo: Speedy 3 

Getting the flow of Speedy 3 in a group takes a little practice. The key is to keep moving around the circle! 

  VIEW  Group Demo: Speedy 3 


Session 3 Replay




00:00   Introduction
00:03   Homework Discussion (Adjusting) 
00:09   Overview of Groups
00:16   About Game Demonstrations
00:19   Demo: Sound Train
00:26   Demo: Roll & Read
00:38   Demo: Word Maker 
00:46   Demo: U-Know Words 
00:54   Questions
01:00   Demo: Speedy 3
01:04   Demo: Chunk Check 
01:10   How to Differentiate
01:15   Administration Tips 
01:23   Read3 in the Classroom
01:37   Common Questions 
01:45   Wrap Up



If Player A puts down a '3', the next player (Player B) presents three cards for the previous player (Player A) to quickly say the sound of each. If one of the cards presented by Player B is a '3', then the person after the next person (Player C) presents three cards for Player B to say. And so on.

The order of play is particularly important when playing the Extension version (writing) as the next player (Player B) must say the 3 sounds for Player A to write. 📝