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Training Wrap Up

Thanks for joining us for Read3 training. We hope you found the sessions informative. 

Your feedback is invaluable so spare a few minutes to complete the training evaluation (link above) for us. Training online has its challenges so the more we can glean from you guys on how to streamline delivery of information (and ensure we don't bamboozle everyone) the better. 😊

In order to 'officially' complete your Read3 training you will need to submit a Chunk Check demonstration video. Please forward your Dropbox/Google/OneDrive link to

Certificate of Completion: Your certificate will be issued following the submission of the Chunk Check demonstration. Given many of your sessions have been self-paced, we will look to touch base and determine your level of understanding prior to issuing of certificates.

Training page access: To ensure you have plenty of time to re-watch content, this page will remain open for another six weeks. Once access to training materials has expired (29 September 2023), this link will no longer be accessible from the 'My Learning' menu. 

Join our Professional Facebook Group: We encourage you to join this page and ask your questions here. That way 'the Read3 collective' can benefit from the topic of discussion. Remember, no question is too small - we learn a lot about how we can improve program design/training and communication from the types of questions asked, so ask away!    

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, please understand you are not alone on this journey. Learning how to best support our most vulnerable young readers takes time and lots of experimentation! If you need assistance, or are keen to get started with Read3 please contact and we'll get you sorted!

From the whole team at Read3, we thank you again and welcome to our community!



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Session 1  ||  Session 2  ||  Session 3 || Session 4


Session 1

Session 1 Preparation

There is no pre-reading required for Session 1.  

Session 1 Follow Up

Thanks for joining us on a Tuesday evening. It's always lovely to be able to put some faces. Catching up with Emma and Claire was a nice bonus! 😊 We know it was a lot of information (particularly after a full day), but it's important we get you all up to speed on the theory before we leap into the program.

A replay of Session 1 with rough timestamps will be added to this page in the next few days.  

'Homework' from Session 1

Read the following article: 
Identifying and Teaching Students with Significant Reading Problems by Sharon Vaughn and Jack M. Fletcher

Test your Website Navigation Skills.pdf
A short quiz to help you navigate the Read3 website 

Watch the Module 1 Introduction video.
Try the Nonsense Names activity with one client.
Explore the other Introduction activities. 
To access content click: 'Read3 Modules' > Module 1 (Foundation) > Module 1 Introduction

Extra Resources to download

  Overview of Read3 Program Outcomes
If you're looking for a little more detail about the Read3 scope and sequence, and how it compares to other SSPPs, this document is a good place to start. It includes an overview of program outcomes at each step plus the ACARA standards met.

Session 1 Replay 


03:42  Why Read3?
00:11  The Models that Guide Read3
00:19  Reading and the Brain
00:34  What is Read3 &  Who is it for?
00:47  How do I find Read3 kids? (screening)
00:59  Reviewing client profiles
01:03  How Read is different (+ key strategies)
01:17  Read3 Scope & Sequence
01:19  A simple starting process
01:21  Some FAQs (NDIS + school integration)
01:24: Homework 

Session 2

Session 2 Preparation  

 DOWNLOAD   Session 2 Participant Handbook 

Watch Session 2

This is a replay of the session held 28 July from our current training block. 

00:05  Setting up for success
00:07  Preparing, printing and storing resources

00:12  Signposting and colour coding
00:17  The Read3 Routine
00:21  Session Planning
00:23  Supporting Parents
00:36  Telehealth Made Easy
00:38  Getting Started with Read3 Module 1 (routine/games)
01:02  Dr Melissa Orkin discusses chunking
01:07  Overview of Module 2 
01:18  Homework + Parent Capacity Building
01:20  Questions 

Session 2 Follow-Up

About Session 2 Replay 

I've included the chat at the end so be sure to stay on and listen to that for some great questions and further clarification.

For those wanting to review or share the information from Dr Melissa Orkin on the value of chunking for children with fluency challenges, I have created a snazzy one-minute clip (I thought I was so clever making this 😂) plus a link to the full recording.

  • Chunking One-Minute Clip (you can click to view the full recording from here)  
  • Chunking Full Recording - Discussion on chunking starts at 1hr 54 minutes and the POSSUM discussion is just prior to that. If you want to hear more about the Read Study (discussed in Session 1) and early intervention head back to the start and catch Nadine Gaab in action!

Extra Resources

  DOWNLOAD    About Read3: Flyer For Parents

Provides a brief overview of how Read3 works and why it is different. Feel free to share with your families as part of your onboarding process. 

Remember, the special pricing for Family Access is not available in the 'public' store. If they are interested in Family Access you will need to send them the product link directly. Copy and paste the relevant URL link from the page 'Buy Family Access (Parent Pays)' located under the 'Family Access' tab. They can also clink the link on the flyer if starting at Module 1 Step 1. 

Let's Talk on Wednesday 2 August @ 6pm

Let's Talk is a free monthly session available to all Read3 professionals. During our next session we'll be discussing the hot topic of children who can't blend two sounds. Those of you who are already using the program would have received the registration link. For those of you who are not yet using the program, but keen to learn more, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

'Homework' from Session 2

For some light viewing this week, we encourage you to watch the interview with SLP Lauren Clarke discussing her approach to parent capacity building. Jump to 33:00 if you're pressed for time.

  WATCH     SLP Lauren Clark: Parent Capacity Building


Session 3

Session 3 Preparation  

  Session 3 Participant Handbook

Watch Session 3

This is a recording from a previous training block.

00:00  Homework Review
00:06  Read3 Model of Mastery
00:08  Overview of Monitoring Tools
00:11  Chunk Check
00:27  Assessing Skills with STIKI Quiz
00:35  Build Fluency with 60 Word Stories
00:56  The Learning Hierarchy
01:07  Choosing and Adjusting the Practice Routine
01:17  Homework (Chunk Check)

Session 3 Follow up

This is a recording from a previous training block. In the questions following, the question was raised about which rime endings to review in each session. Check the Chunk Check instructions first and if no specific guidance is provided, use a random selection from any previous step and/or ones you know the child finds more difficult. If you need a central point to remind yourself which chunks are covered in each step, the Chunk Check Record of Mastery page (under Monitoring>Quick Links) is what you are looking for.

Extra Documents Discussed

  Read3 STIKI Quiz Skills Summary
Provides a summary of  skills mastered in each step of the Read3 program. This is a useful document to 'copy and paste' from if you need a quick record of what the child has mastered. If they passed the STIKI Quiz they have mastered this skill! A Google doc version has been included on the page as well to assist with 'copy and paste' 
Location: Monitoring > Quick Links

  Read3 Model of Mastery: Activities By Step
This document outlines the activities that support each component of the model of mastery. Use as is a handy guide to consolidate skills before moving on.
Location: Monitoring > Quick Links

'Homework' for next week

Please record a video of yourself conducting a Chunk Check and email a share link (Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive) to along with your scoring (either completed paperwork or scores typed into an email). If you don't currently have a Read3 child, ask your friend/partner/child/neighbour to complete one (making a few errors) so you can practise.

Session 3 Replay

00:00  Homework Review
00:06  Read3 Model of Mastery
00:08  Overview of Monitoring Tools
00:11  Chunk Check
00:27  Assessing Skills with STIKI Quiz
00:35  Build Fluency with 60 Word Stories
00:56  The Learning Hierarchy
01:07  Choosing and Adjusting the Practice Routine
01:17  Homework (Chunk Check)

Session 4

Session 4 Preparation 

Session 4 Follow Up

Given very few of you were in attendance at the 'live' session held on Tuesday 15 August, the session turned out to be more of a discussion with Q&A than training. 😂

As a result, I have uploaded a recording of a previous Session 4 so you are able to complete your training.

We have created a document of the solutions to all content that was discussed in the session and breakout rooms so you'll have a handy reference guide to pore over as you start to explore your own client's challenges.

   Session 4 Case Study Solutions

Watch Session 4

Group discussion following the break out rooms starts at 40 minutes. At 1:12 alternate pathways for implementing Read3 are discussed, in addition to completing M3.1 ahead of M2 for some children, Robyn and Helen discuss why they often complete M1.5 (digraphs) ahead of M1.4 (doubles).

00:00  Welcome & Homework Discussion
01:53  Adjusting Intervention

20:36  Read3 From Theory To Practice
26:00  Starting Intervention
31:20  Case Study 1
40:00  Break Out Room Case Study Discussion
1:06:35  Intervention Goals
1:12:00  Alternate Pathway for Low Risk Clients