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This page supports training conducted Jan/Feb 2023. 


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Training Wrap Up

Thanks for joining us for our special SLP User Training. We hope you found the sessions informative and are ready to leap in and start administering the Read3 learning system with your clients.

Here's a sneaky pic Kate took of Robyn in full flight during the last session. 📣😍 

Helen will have a Training Evaluation Survey out in the coming weeks. Your feedback is invaluable so spare a few minutes to complete that for us. Training online has its challenges so the more we can glean from you guys on how to streamline delivery of information (and ensure we don't bamboozle everyone) the better. 😊

We are still waiting on Chunk Check demonstrations from a few of you. It has been a fantastic learning experience for us to see how each of you approach this activity. Please forward your Dropbox/Google/OneDrive link to

Training page access: To ensure you have plenty of time to re-watch content, this page will remain open for another six weeks. Once access to training materials has expired (10 April 2023), this link will no longer be accessible from the 'My Learning' menu. 

Join our Professional Facebook Group: We encourage you to join this page and ask your questions here. That way 'the Read3 collective' can benefit from the topic of discussion. Remember, no question is too small - we learn a lot about how we can improve program design/training and communication from the types of questions asked, so ask away!    

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, please understand you are not alone on this journey. Learning how to best support our most vulnerable young readers takes time and lots of experimentation! If you need assistance, please contact



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Session 1

Session #1 Follow-Up

Thanks for joining us. We know it was a lot of information, but it's important we get you all up to speed on the theory before we leap into the program.

A replay is available below if you need to re-watch at half speed! We have included the Q&A following the session which includes some detail on Robyn's favourite assessment tools and dyslexia diagnosis discussion. 

Homework for next week

Read the following article: 
Identifying and Teaching Students with Significant Reading Problems by Sharon Vaughn and Jack M. Fletcher

Test your Website Navigation Skills.pdf
A short quiz to help you navigate the Read3 website 

Watch the Module 1 Introduction video.
Try the Nonsense Names activity with one client.
Explore the other Introduction activities. 

Session 1 Replay 


Session 2 

Session #2 Follow-Up

Extra Documents Discussed

  DOWNLOAD    About Read3: Flyer For Parents
Provides a brief overview of how Read3 works and why it is different. Feel free to share with your families as part of your onboarding process. 

Remember, if they are interested in Family Access you will need to send them the product link directly as this special discounted rate is not available in our 'public' store. Copy and paste the relevant URL link from the page 'Buy Family Access (Parent Pays)' located under the 'Family Access' tab.

Homework for next week

For some light viewing this week, we encourage you to watch the interview with SLP Lauren Clarke discussing her approach to parent capacity building. Jump to 33:00 if you're pressed for time.

  WATCH     SLP Lauren Clark: Parent Capacity Building


Session 2 Replay 


Session 3  

Session #3 Follow-Up

Thanks everyone who made it along to the live session on Friday. We trust that you're ready to embrace Read3 with passion and aplomb!

In the discussion following the session there was quite a bit of chat around supporting children with CAS (1:17) and also older children with an intellectual impairment (1:20). Robyn discussed how she uses Read3 for children with a reading age under 8 years, Dandelion Readers Moon Dogs Series 3 (+ Workbook) to introduce vowel digraphs, and the REWARDS Program by Anita Archer for children with a reading age over 8 years. REWARDS Intermedia includes a Handbook and a pack of 10 Student Books. 

Extra Documents Discussed

  DOWNLOAD    Read3 STIKI Quiz Skills Summary

Provides a summary of the skills mastered in each step of the Read3 program. This is a useful document to 'copy and paste' from if you need a quick record of what the child has mastered. If they passed the STIKI Quiz they have mastered this skill!
Location: Monitoring > Quick Links

  DOWNLOAD    Read3 Model of Mastery: Activities By Step

This document outlines the activities that support each component of the model of mastery. Use as is a handy guide to consolidate skills before moving on. 
Location: Monitoring > Quick Links

Homework for next week

We'd love you to video yourself conducting a Chunk Check and email a share link (Dropbox/GoogleDrive/OneDrive) to along with your scoring (either completed paperwork or scores typed into an email). If you don't currently have a Read3 child, ask your friend/partner/child/neighbour to complete one (making a few errors) so you can practise.

If you have a chance to start Read3 with a child before our next session that would be great as the information around adjusting intervention will make more sense if you're familiar with the program.

Session 3 Replay 


Session 4  

Session #4 Follow Up

Thanks everyone who was able to join us live. As Robyn said, this is the bit where it really gets interesting as we start to apply the knowledge and intervention to real children!

We have created a document of the solutions to all content that was discussed in the session and breakout rooms so you'll have a handy reference guide to pore over as you start to explore your own client's challenges.

  DOWNLOAD    Session 4 Case Study Solutions

Robyn's vision of what can be accomplished in 75 minutes was overly ambitious (it's hard to hold her enthusiasm back) so we will look to discuss the case studies for fail-to-respond children in a group session shortly. Knowing what to watch out for and what data is 'real' if intensive intervention has already been administered can be tricky!

We will send out an email to alert you when that session is happening. 

The replay is below. We have kept the 15 minutes of Q&A at the end for you to refer back to if needed.

 Session 4 Replay 

Session #4 Preparation

During this session you'll be working on some case studies. Please download this workbook and take a few minutes to look through the case histories (Activity 2). The rest will be covered in the session!

  DOWNLOAD    Session 4 Case Study Workbook