"Our aim at Read3 is the help ensure every child learns to read. The Easy Alphabet can be integrated with any phonics-based classroom program or Tier 2 intervention program. It offers struggling learners the opportunity to develop foundational skills at a similar pace to their peers ."

Robyn Monaghan 
Speech Pathologist & creator of the Easy Alphabet 

Easy alphabet assists children with dyslexia learn to read

The Easy Alphabet was designed with every young reader in mind and it can be useful for: 

1.  Beginner readers 4-6 years

Our fun, multi-sensory approach to building strong letter-sound knowledge makes the Easy Alphabet an ideal choice for any child aged 4-6 years who is learning to read. If there are family members who struggled when learning to read then the Easy Alphabet is a must! 

2.  Children 5-9 years with literacy challenges, including dyslexia

In the clinic, breakthroughs with letter and sound recognition occur in a matter of weeks using the Easy Alphabet. The secret is to take things slowly and only introduce a few letters at a time. Can be used in conjunction with any evidence-based phonics program including Orton-Gillingham Tier 2 intervention programs. A perfect choice for learning support teams, literacy tutors and home-based learning.

3.  The Prep or Year 1 classroom

Integrate the Easy Alphabet with your current classroom phonics program to give every child the best chance of succeeding. The display cards, practice sheets and desktop alphabet strips provide an integrated approach to teaching letter-sound knowledge. Over 20% of children will have difficulty with reading beyond the early years. A sound early intervention strategy will help ensure no child 'slips through the cracks' in these formative years. 

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