Easy Alphabet Practice Sheets | A4

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Build strong letter-sound knowledge in young children with Easy Alphabet practice sheets

Set includes 32 sheets - 26 letters of the alphabet, plus sh, ch, th, wh, qu and ng. Worksheet features one letter and a unique picture 'story' plus explicit instruction on how to hear the sound and speech cues about how to say the sound. Children are then able to to practice drawing both the picture (which helps improve recall of the letter shape) and writing the letter. The embedded story cue and directional arrow cues help eliminate letter reversals, a common problem for young children. Practice daily and watch their confidence grow. Use in conjunction with display cards to help reinforce letter learning. 

This evidence-based alphabet was developed by Robyn Monaghan, a speech pathologist with over 20 years experience working with children with literacy challenges including dyslexia. 

About your Practice Sheet set: 

  • includes individual sheets for all 26 letters of the alphabet plus sh, ch, th, wh, qu and ng
  • Sheets are A4 (210mm x 297mm) 
  • laminate and use a whiteboard marker

Recommended for:

The integrated approach to letter sound-recognition offered through the Easy Alphabet makes it a perfect phonological learning tool for:

  • any child 5-9 years with reading challenges, including dyslexia
  • any child 4-6 years starting their reading journey
  • learning support teachers and literacy tutors
  • any Prep or Grade 1 classroom 

The Easy Alphabet is a fun and colourful alphabet, featuring the Queensland ‘beginners’ font, that offers extra support for young children starting their reading journey. Unlike other alphabets, each letter in the Easy Alphabet is supported by an integrated audio-visual cue in the form of a ‘story’ that links the picture to the letter sound and the letter shape. Learn more >>


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