Easy Alphabet Display Cards | A5

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Easy Alphabet Display Cards A5 build strong letter recognition for young readers

Easy Alphabet A5 display cards offer letter-sound reinforcement for young children starting their learn-to-read journey. Pack of 32 cards, each featuring a unique character and 'story' to help young children quickly recall letter shapes and their sounds.

Use your display cards in the classroom or around the home to reinforce letter-sound knowledge. For practice writing letters we recommend you use cards in conjunction with our practice sheets.

This evidence-based alphabet was developed by Robyn Monaghan, a speech pathologist with over 20 years experience working with children with literacy challenges including dyslexia. 

About your A5 Display Card set: 

  • includes all 26 letters of the alphabet plus sh, ch, th, wh, qu and ng
  • cards are printed on light card stock and include a cellophane coating for extra protection
  • laminate for extra durability.

Recommended for:

The integrated approach to letter sound-recognition offered through the Easy Alphabet makes it a perfect phonological learning tool for:

  • any child 5-9 years with reading challenges, including dyslexia
  • any child 4-6 years starting their reading journey
  • any young child with family members with dyslexia 
  • learning support teachers and literacy tutors
  • any Prep or Grade 1 classroom 

The Easy Alphabet is a fun and colourful alphabet, featuring a ‘beginner’ font, that offers extra support for young children starting their reading journey. 

Unlike other alphabets, each letter in the Easy Alphabet is supported by an integrated audio-visual cue in the form of a ‘story’ that links the picture to the letter sound and the letter shape bringing extra meaning to the page, particularly for struggling learners. >>learn more

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