The Easy Alphabet builds strong letter-sound links to help ensure no child 'slips through the cracks' in the formative years.  

Easy Alphabet display cards

Strong letter-sound knowledge is a vital part of learning to read and write. If we cannot hear sounds within words or link letters to specific sounds we cannot decipher words for reading, writing or spelling. 

The Easy Alphabet is an excellent tool for helping young children build strong letter-sound links. Featuring an embedded picture mnemonic, this fun and colourful alphabet is particularly effective for those with literacy challenges, including dyslexia. Use with any evidence-based phonics program to maximise letter-sound knowledge for every child. 

Easy Alphabet features


Uses embedded picture mnemonics

The integrated audio-visual cue in the form of a 'story' links the picture to both the sound and the shape of the letter Watch video to learn more


Ideal for children with literacy challenges

Picture and story improve letter recall enabling faster progress 

dot   Reduces letter reversals when writing

The directional cues for writing help strengthen letter shape awareness 

dot   Integrates with any phonics program

Use with classroom phonics or Tier 2 intervention program to maximise letter and sound knowledge for all children

dot   Inspires beginner readers

The 'story' and colourful characters enable 4-6 year olds to establish strong letter-sound links from start of journey reading journey

dot   Australian 'beginner' font

The Easy Alphabet is made right here for Aussie kids


An integrated approach 

When learning letters and sounds, consistency of message and repetition are vital. The Easy Alphabet product range offer an integrated approach to building strong letter-sound knowledge.

1. Practice Sheets

Easy Alphabet practice sheets

An essential first step. Set includes 30 sheets - all 26 letters plus 'sh', 'ch', 'th', 'wh', 'qu' and 'ng'. Each sheet features one unique picture 'story' and provides explicit instruction on how to identify the letter sound within the story and how to say the sound correctly. Children practice drawing the picture (to improve recall of the letter shape) and writing the letter. The embedded story cue and directional arrow cues help eliminate letter reversals, a common problem for young children.   


A unique alphabet for beginner readers and children with dyslexia

2. Display cards 

Our colourful display cards, featuring both the 'story' and picture cue, are ideal for visual reinforcement around the classroom or at home on the bedroom wall. The set includes 32 cards - all 26 letters of the alphabet, plus 'common digraphs sh', 'ch', 'th', 'wh', 'qu' and 'ng'. Available in A4 and A5 format.  



3. Alphabet desk mate

Our desk mate helps children build independence when learning to write. The desk mate features all 26 Easy Alphabet characters and their corresponding letters, plus directional cues to help ensure children form letter shapes correctly when practising writing. Place on the desk at school or home and watch letter recall and confidence grow.





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